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Pamela Doyle from Glasgow, Scotland

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Weight Loss 6 stone

I began gaining weight in my late teens. As the weight pilled on my confidence and self esteem began to disappear.  I tried all sorts of different diets and exercise classes but after losing a couple of stone, I would then put it back on again. I felt like I was constantly fighting a losing battle.

In late 2011 my mum had seen an article in the paper. It was a girl who was in the same situation as myself and went to David for help. The transformation in her was amazing. My mum called David to see if he could help me. I was so nervous about my 1st meeting with him but I warmed to him instantly! He is so positive and motivational.  Since that 1st session with David my life has changed so much. I am now 6 stone lighter, I have my confidence and life back.

I honestly don’t think I could have got to where I am today if it wasn`t for the help from my family and David.

For anyone who feels "I can’t do it" I am proof that with help from David, hard work and determination you can! I can't thank David enough for what he has done for me.


Laura Ferguson, Airdrie

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Weight loss nearly 8 stone (112 lbs) 

Since the age of 25 I've had been putting on roughly half a stone a year. After trying lots of different diets and failing. I resigned myself to the fact I would always be fat that's when I stopped looking in the mirror. Then last year I saw one of David's clients in the newspaper she was a similar weight to me and she had succeeded. I called David straight away and from the moment I met him I knew he could help me changed my life, he keeps me motivated and has completely changed my thoughts on diet and exercise. I would have to say I actually like exercising now, it relieves all the daily stresses and helps to clear my mind.


Denise Trainor, Kilsyth, Scotland

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Weight loss 5 1/2 stone (77lbs)

“I was at an all time low because of my weight, I’ve never stuck with any programme or reached any goals, but I did with David.  I’ve lost 5st 7lbs, (77lbs) and I feel great, I am now the person I was always meant to be. David believed in me from the start even when I did not believe in myself. You can win this battle too like I did! This was a life changing event for me and my hard work paid off and I’ve reached my goal and more. I am loving life, I owe it all to David and his fabulous  programme. Thank you David”


Helena Cameron, East Kilbride, Scotland

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Weight loss over 9 stone (126lbs)

I have battled with my weight most of my life and after years of yo-yo dieting I gave up and ballooned to 20 stone. I was totally disheartened by dieting and became completely depressed. I felt it was hopeless and there is nothing worse than feeling that way. But then I found Rapid Hypnofitness, and David, and within the first meeting I felt motivated, enthusiastic and, for the first time in years, hopeful. I couldn’t wait to start the programme and was even excited about dieting and exercising! It was all down to the fact that David helped me change the way I thought about myself. He made me realise that I was capable of making changes in my life so long as I believed I could. By changing my thoughts and beliefs it has helped me to stick to my diet and exercise plan even when things got a bit tough, as they always do, and finally lose the 9 stone I was aiming for. I wouldn’t have ever been able to reach that goal without this programme or David’s support, and it scares me to think where my life would be right now without the physical and psychological changes it has helped me make. Deciding to do this programme was the best thing I ever did for myself!!


Susan Macfarlane from Falkirk

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Weight loss 5 stone (70lbs)

“I have always been overweight - even at school.  I had tried every slimming club and a range of exercise regimes but nothing seemed to work. I had David's number for a few months before I plucked up the courage to give him a call - it's the best thing I ever did!! I've now lost nearly 5 stone and am wearing size 10 and 12 clothes for the first time in my life. Having guidance and encouragement from David and knowing the right type of training to do has made all the difference.  I see people in the gym working hard trying to lose weight but they are wasting their time doing the wrong type of training.  I know, because that used to be me.“


Lori Buetow, Bearsden, Glasgow

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Weight loss 3 stone

“I'd been putting on a few pounds every year since my mid 20's and tried several diets and exercise programs but never really managed to stick with one. After googling personal trainers in the Glasgow area, I came across David's website, which stood out from others because he talked about the psychological aspects of being fit -- I was both wary of and intrigued by David's mind theory approach. I decided to book a session with David, thinking the worst that could happen is that there would be no change in my weight.

In our first session, David said we were a team and challenged my thinking and beliefs." In a short period of time training with David, I'm now back to my mid-20's size and in great shape!“


Fraser Mcluskey, South Lanarkshire

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Weight loss 6 stone 

When I started Training with David I was over 17 Stone, I didn't think it would be possible to lose weight and felt my situation was hopeless. But in 8 months with him, I've lost 6 stone and regained my self confidence. Thanks David


Jackie Thomson, Wishaw, Scotland

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Weight loss 4 stone (56lbs)

“After unsuccessful dieting over a number of years I contacted David, at first I was unsure due to the fitness aspect of the weight loss programme but David helped to motivate me thought the good and bad times. Having a steady but sustained weigh loss of over 4 stone it really worked for me and I am now able to maintain the weight loss where with normal diet approach I could not. I am really grateful to David for the help, motivation and encouragement he has given me to achieve the fantastic sustained weight loss .“


Arlene Turner, East Kilbride, Scotland

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Weight loss 5 stone 8 lbs (78 lbs)

“Having spent around 18 years of my life "on a diet", I was fed up of waking up each morning "still fat" and having to start another day trying to lose weight. It made me feel really unhappy and I didn't want to be doing this rest of my life. I felt quite desperate and knew I had to do something different that would work for me”. “Calling David was the best decision I ever made and straight away I felt I was not doing this alone” “I had been a member of enough diet classes to know what the right things to eat were; my problem was my portion sizes, unhealthy snacking and lack of exercise. Working with David made me believe in myself, not only that I could lose weight but that I had the ability to run on the treadmill and be able to build up my speed and time. I have reached my goal of 5 1⁄2 stone (77lbs) in just under 8 months. I am also running 10K for a local charity. 6 months ago I would never have believed I would be where I am now. I now wake up feeling fantastic and in control. I look at myself everyday and it makes me really happy what I see!”


Gemma Wilson, Glasgow, Scotland

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Back to normal after twins.

"After having my twins I was really down about my post baby body. I was doubtful that I would ever get my flat stomach back. Due to the size of the babies there was substantial damage to my stomach muscles and skin on my tummy.  However I then followed the Rapid Hypnofitness weight loss programme that was designed by my husband. I have now managed to lose a stone and by following David's weight loss training I have toned up my tummy and I am back into my size 10 skinny jeans. People are always complimenting me, saying they can't believe I've had twins. I've got my confidence back and I look and feel amazing! Thank you Rapid Hypno Fitness!!!"


David Wilson - see how he looked before creating the programme!

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Weight loss 2 stone (28lbs)

“After I stopped playing professional football there was a period where I was out of shape. This was before I understood the proper fundamentals of exercise and nutrition. One of the reasons that led me to gain weight was because I was wrongly advised that consuming extra protein and carbohydrates and doing minimal cardio vascular exercise that I would gain size and my muscles would become bigger.  However, instead I gained more body fat and as a result I was unhappy with the way I looked” 



Fiona Stribling, Ayrshire

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Weight loss just short of 5 stone (70 pounds)

“After having my three children my weight just spiralled out of control until eventually I weighed nearly 18 stone by March 2010.  I was feeling really depressed about my weight and really miserable generally.  I really was concerned about my health and about my future for both myself and my family. My mother spotted David's article in a newspaper and pointed it out to me.  Since that day I have never looked back and David has inspired me all the way in terms of both diet and exercise.  I love exercise now and it has become part of my daily life. Saying I don't have time to do it is just not an option - I just make time! Weighing 13 stone now I am so much more confident, happy and healthy.  I have more work to do to reach my target but my husband and kids are really proud of me and that is such a great feeling.  Thank you David for getting the old me back!!!”


Stephanie Law, Glasgow, Scotland

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Weight loss nearly 3 ½ stone (49 lbs)

Stephanie lost just under 3 ½ stone on David’s programme and was over the moon with the results.


David Thomson, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

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Weight loss 3 1/2 stone (49lbs)

“Last year was a time when I was pushing towards being 50 years old and pushing my weight close to 20 stone! (19st.12lbs)

A recommendation from a friend introduced me to David Wilson of ‘rapid-hypnofitness’ 

With his simple, scientific and sufficient approach to getting fit and losing weight, coupled with an amazing effective exercise and dietary regime, between June and October of 2009 I successfully shed 3stone 6lbs and developed an entirely new approach to dealing with food.

Over the rest of the year I was successful in maintaining my exercise and diet program David prescribed and aside from a few minor lapses, my health and fitness continues to improve. I would recommend without question David Wilson's style and program of fitness, well-being and weight loss to anyone!”


Sandra Atkinson from Glasgow

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Weight loss Over 3 1/2 stone in 4 months

When I first discovered David I was desperate to lose weight and feel good about myself as my confidence and self esteem was at an all time low and my social life was non existing.  I had tried every diet you can think of including Lighter Life which resulted in a huge weight loss while drinking only shakes and soups but as soon as I reintroduced food the weight just piled back on.

David’s programme has changed my life for the better, I am now fitter, healthier and more confident than ever , David has taught me that I can have a social life and still lose weight which is just as well as my social life is better than ever.  David is very motivational and makes you believe in yourself, he encourages you and his methods are very achievable.  | would highly recommend this programme..


Michelle Meehan, Motherwell

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Weight Loss over 1 stone

“After years of trying every diet out there and sporadic gym visits I just couldn't shift the weight and keep it off!! That was until I came across the Rapid Hypno-Fitness website and made an enquiry that was to change the way I thought about food and exercise forever! I met David and from that first meeting knew there was something different and unique about his programme. David has motivated me every step of the way and has retrained my mind. I have lost over stone and toned up better than I could have imagined! Thanks David I could not achieve what I have without you!“


Jude Law, Glasgow, Scotland

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Weight loss Over 2 stone (28 lbs)

Jude was delighted with her results after losing more than 2 stone on David’s programme.


Isabel Young, Douglas, Scotland

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Weight loss just under 4 Stone (56lbs)

I have been going to David for over a year and lost nearly 4 stone this is great in itself but the best thing of all is the amount of inches lost due to the type of training. I’ve needed a complete new wardrobe as none of my clothes fit. This technique has transformed my life and has been the only programme that has been successful after approx 30 years of yo-yo dieting. I cannot recommend this highly enough, it been a lot of hard work on my part but without David’s encouragement and inspiration I would not have attained this goal.


Gillian Leroy, East Kilbride, Scotland

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Weight loss 2 1/2 stone (35lbs) 

"I have tried, and failed, every diet out there. I knew diet and exercise = weight loss, but didn’t ever manage to stay the course. I was stuck in the never ending cycle of yo-yo weight loss, like so many others. The thing about David is he really always KNEW I would do it, and his unwavering belief, made me finally realize that he was right. He always said I could do it, and now I have. He’s been at my side encouraging me every step of the way.

I’ve lost over 2 1/2 stone! I most certainly could not have done this without you David. Thanks for all your support."


Lorna Valentine, Cumbernauld, Scotland

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Weight loss just over 3 stone (43 pounds)

David is so motivational and he has completely changed our mindset and lives!


Bill Turner, Glasgow, Scotland

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Weight Loss 3 Stone (42lbs)

David Wilson “Saved my life” “It’s easy to say that David is a great guy, but he is more than that. David genuinely cares and focuses on his clients. I have worked with a number of personal trainers, tried all popular diets, the only effective solution for me has been the support that David gave me to get me fit and into shape, using his combination of training, education and daily support, has been highly effective, 3 stone in three months, 8” reduction in my middle and still in shape after nearly two years. David thanks!”


Stuart Crockett, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

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Weight loss 3 stone(42lbs) achieved in two and a half months 

“It was 3 and a half months before my wedding when I went to David and since then I have lost 3 stone. Now I can walk down the aisle feeling happier and more confident. Without David's training I could not have achieved this.

Before I went to him I was playing football a lot and going to the gym but still not losing weight then as soon as I started David's programme of exercise and healthy eating I began to get results and fast!


Thanks a lot David for your advice and support, it was first class!”


Grace Hannah, Hamilton, Scotland

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Weight loss 10 lbs

Working with David Wilson has not only helped me to lose weight, I have increased my fitness level, improved my health & diet and achieved a greater body confidence. I am in the best shape of my life and have the will and motivation to keep the momentum going even after our training together came to an end.  This type of training was completely new to me and I proved its not just for those who need to lose large amounts of weight, I didn't have a lot to lose but in just a few months I have changed my body shape and have a completely new attitude to exercise...it is now part of my life.


John Valentine, Cumbernauld, Glasgow.

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Weight loss 7.5 stone ( 105lbs)

Discovering a new way of living and keeping fit, not to mention the weight loss I have experienced since signing up with David is something that I thought was well out of my grasp! It is now coming up on 10months with David and a few lbs away from 5st mark, if you had asked me this time last year I would be getting ready for my Christmas night out 5st lighter I would’ve told there was more chance me winning the Xfactor!

I now have the determination to meet the weight loss targets I thought previously were unachievable, and I’m even exercising now which is something I always stated was not my thing. By next Christmas I want to be another 5 stone lighter and achieve my ideal weight, and why not I’ve proven the biggest doubter of this……..ME!!


Julia Doherty, Glasgow, Scotland

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Weight loss just under 3 stone (42lbs)

I had always been quite happy with my body shape, until I fell pregnant.  I put on more than 5 stone during my pregnancy and although I lost around 2 stone naturally after having my baby I remained around 3 stone overweight.  I tried various diets and just couldn't lose the weight at all.  It was getting me depressed and I didn't want to leave the house or look in the mirror.  I was having to buy clothes to try and disguise my shape which was ultimately making me look even bigger. When I heard about David's programme I thought it was exactly what I was looking for.  I had always enjoyed exercise up to falling pregnant but just didn't have the motivation to do it whilst I was carrying the extra weight.  Working with David changed that.  I was surprised by how easy I started to find sticking to the eating plan, and how motivated I was to get to the gym and train every day.  I lost 7 pounds in the first week and this gave me more of a boost.  Knowing that this was working gave me the motivation to keep going and I lost just short of 3 stone in the 12 weeks.  I have continued to train in the way which David taught me and have managed to lose another half a stone which has taken me to my ideal weight.  The hypnosis that David did with me has changed the way I think about food and I no longer crave the junk food I did before.  I am still able to have a treat at the weekend and know that by staying focussed on my training it doesn't have to mean I gain weight.

I would recommend this method to anyone who has not been able to find a way of losing weight and keeping it off.


D L Gordon, Glasgow, Scotland

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Weight loss nearly 2 stone ( 27 lbs)

As an adult I’ve mostly been slim but tended to gain weight in times of stress. Unfortunately, because I was heavily criticised for being chubby for a short time as a teenager, I was always unhappy with my weight. Even when I was slim, I didn’t appreciate my appearance at all .After a major period of stress a few years ago, I found myself the heaviest I’ve ever been. Despite going through every diet under the sun, I just couldn’t shift the weight. I had just about given up when I heard David on the radio and knew straight away his program was the right one for me. I’ve found my training with David to be a positive and inspiring experience and have gained so much from it, I would recommend it to anyone. He knows with an almost sixth sense exactly the right level to have you working at and is always patient and encouraging. Not only have I improved my fitness and regained my figure but the most important thing is that I’ve changed my mental attitude. I can fully appreciate my appearance now, which makes a massive difference to my enjoyment of life and motivates me never to gain weight again.


Tracie Dowling, Erskine, Scotland

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Weight loss over 3 1⁄2 stone (49lbs)

Weight loss in most people's minds is something they want to do but think they can't, I know I was one of them, since meeting David and working on his weight loss principles, mind, body and diet it has changed my life completely, I eat healthily, exercise regularly and feel good about myself, David has helped me realise I can do it. This has been a life changing experience for me!


Jim Harrower, Falkirk, Scotland

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Weight loss 26 lbs(nearly 2 stone) in 2 months

“Calling David was the best thing I ever done. I was of the mind set that because I was in my late 30’s I was destined to be overweight. The first session with David changed that. I left that first session with the most positive attitude towards my lifestyle and how “Together” we would change the old me. I have now completed the 8 week programme and glad to say I have lost 26lbs and still going. This programme “Does Work” with “Hard Work” 8 weeks and nearly 2st incredible. My advice to anybody reading this “ MAKE THE CALL” follow David’s programme and change your life forever “I HAVE”. Thanks mate.


Dorota Sogaard, Paisley, Scotland

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Weight loss under 2 stone (28 lbs)

"I found David's methods and techniques rewarding, innovative and motivational to the point that I can honestly say he has changed my approach and ways of thinking about weight loss and fitness. I also found muscles I never knew I had! Thanks to David I have lost remarkable amount of weight in a short space of time. At night, instead of counting sheep to get to sleep, I just keep running and running and running."


Neil Campbell, West End, Glasgow

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Weight loss under 2 stone (28 lbs)

Your aims and explanations are clear and concise and are readily attributable to what we were both trying to achieve. More so the treadmill and other exercises which I found an initial challenge but with your support and encouragement I found to be achievable. Your course is excellent and I would have no problem recommending to others.


Gayle Paton, Ardrossan, Scotland

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Weight loss 1 1/2 stone ( 21 lbs)

I have tried numerous diets and fitness programmes and only been able to achieve around a third of the result that rapid hypno fitness has allowed me to achieve. The programme, coupled with the motivation and constant guidance from David are definitley the recipe for success. It is hard work, but with David's mentoring and positivity I turned my dream into reality.

"I only wished I'd known about the programme and met David years ago, He has changed my life!"


Eddie Priesty, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, Scotland

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Weight loss over 1 stone ( 14 pounds)

"David provided me with the tools and motivation to change my body shape, fitness level and subsequently my lifestyle for the better through the 8 week programme. His methods brought results I didn't think achievable in the short time we worked together. A fantastic programme!!"


Chic Dalrymple, Bellshill, Scotland

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Weightloss nearly 3 stone (42lbs)

I was 16 stone going nowhere drinking and eating crap and piling the pounds on. I had a short 4 week spell with David who has completely transformed my fitness level and  I also managed to loss 10 pounds. I only had three weeks full training with David as the first was an evaluation of my health and fitness. With David’s help and guidance I have managed to transform the way I think and the way I eat food. David has managed to change the way I will live my life for the better and also the way I look at food. Also with the knowledge and guidance he has given me I have managed to change my wife’s way of thinking who also with the training lost 7 pounds in three weeks! I would recommend David to any one who is struggling with diets or there general fitness as his techniques worked for me. I have now lost about 3 stone in weight all together and I am wearing a comfortable 36" waste trouser and jeans, my size in jackets has went from a 44"/46" to a 40"/42". Thanks a million David. Forever in your debt”


Adlah Alessa Michigan, USA

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Weight loss 13 pounds

I had been exercising in the gym since I was 21, with no result at all. One day I was so depressed, and I happened to be at the university talking to my friend about my situation, she told me about David’s programme and how it would help me reach you goal. I thought why i do not give it a try, I am not going to lose anything. I started my program with David who changed my life completely. I learned quality not quantity in the gym is the most important objective to reach my target.

With his faith and encouragement I lost almost 1 stone which is miracle for me. I strongly recommend all people in UK specifically and the rest of the world to give them self a chance to work with David.