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What is Rapid Hypno Fitness?

Rapid Hypno fitness is the new revolutionary fitness programme that gets rapid results guaranteed by training the mind and the body simultaneously.

What's involved in the training?

During the weight loss programme I use a combination of techniques ranging from hypnosis, NLP, and other psychological techniques to re-programme the client's mind then reinforcing them throughout the training programme. The reason the client's mind needs re-programmed is because the client needs to change their belief system towards food, training, and weight loss. Unfortunately the client has conditioned their mind for years to believe weight loss is hard and achieving their weight loss goal is not within their own reality. Another reason we need to work on the client's mind is because we need to motivate the client to take massive action, as this is a life changing experience. After that we will be putting the client through cardiovascular work and teach them how to train properly for rapid results.

Why is working on my mind important?

Not only is it important but it is critical for you to achieve your target goal. We need to change your behaviour but before we can do that we need change your beliefs and perception.

What do you mean by changing my beliefs and Perception?

We all have personal views on things which have an effect on how we think and what we do. From listening to our friends and family or watching TV this shapes our perceptions and our beliefs. For many people the types of perception and beliefs they have created in their mind is not a true reflection on reality.

Do you know most people who want to lose weight secretly believe they can't actually do it? They believe they don't have it in them to change their diet forever. They don't believe realistically they can achieve their ideal weight. When you have this mind set starting off and all through your training programme most people are set up for failure.

What type of training will we be doing?

High Intensity Interval Training which gets rapid results.

What is (HIIT interval) training?

(High Intensity Interval Training). Interval training is when you alternate between your maximum effort and a slower resting work pace. The maximum rate pushes you to your training limits where as the resting pace allows you to get your breath back. The training system is the most advanced system there is and it will completely change the shape of your body.

Why is it so important?

It allows you to burn a higher number of calories and stored fat.  Studies have shown that performing Interval training increases your metabolic rate which means the fitter you become the more calories you burn over a 24 hour period.

What are the benefits of interval training?

Interval training gets outstanding results in a quicker period of time. Other benefits include minimising your training time.

Am I to old for all this?

Not at all if you are healthy enough and you have clearance from your Doctor you ready for the programme.

How long is the training programme?

There are two options, you can go for the 8 week programme, or you can go for a longer term programme, it depends how much weight you are looking to lose.

How much weight will I lose?

Results can vary due to people’s fitness levels and metabolism, I have had clients who have lost a half a stone to 2 ½ stone in 8 weeks.

With other weight loss programmes and diet clubs out there how long would it take me to lose 4 stone?

The average time with other weight loss programmes can be from 1-2 years. In the Rapid Hypno fitness programme, one of my clients who was featured in the Sun Newspaper lost 5 ½ stone in just over 7 ½ months. Go to testimonials and check out Arlene Turner to see her before and after picture.

After the 8 weeks can I stay working with you on a one to one basis?

Yes, some clients have bigger weight loss goals than others and 8 weeks is not long enough. Some clients start off with the 8 week programme initially then decide they are loving the programme and want to stay on to achieve further goals.

Is there a weight and body fat check every week?

Yes you will have targets which we set and you have to achieve it for the next week's goal.

Where is the weekly training programme held?

The weekly one to one training programme will be help at the Rapid Hypno Fitness clinic in Bellshill.

I don't know Bellshill as I am from Glasgow, is it far?

Not at all if you are driving from Glasgow city centre it would take 20-25minutes just of the M74. The clinic location is 10 minutes from Cambuslang.

Why do I need this programme, I go to a weekly club where I do weight checks and I count points?

Yes these clubs are great for understanding food and diet and you do get results over a longer period of time. However with the Rapid Hypno Fitness programme you get results within half the time and you completely alter the shape of your body.

Is it safe to lose weight that fast and is there a chance that I could gain the weight again?

Yes the Rapid Hypno Fitness programme is safe and yes you will gain weight in the future if you stop exercising and you're not disciplined with your diet. But ask yourself this question: Why would you do that after all your hard work, persistence and dedication?

But I have lost weight at these diet clubs?

Yes of course but the sad reality of it is many people who attend these clubs will never achieve their ultimate weight loss goal and will end up putting the weight back on and be miserable again.  Are you one of these people?

Why haven't I heard about combining personal training & mind therapy before?

Every other fitness book and personal trainer has tip toed around this topic and not gone into great depth about it like I do. I am not criticising any other personal trainers as there are some good trainers out there with some great advice and interesting theories on how to lose weight.  However since developing my training programme the results speak for themselves.

I don't live in the Scotland does that mean I can’t do the programme?

Of course not, I work with people all over the UK and below is information on my telephone & e-mail mentoring programme. If you want to find out more about this please contact me via e-mail or telephone.

8 week progamme
2 hour telephone consultation with David
Full 8-week programme tailored individually to you
Weekly telephone meeting with team
Daily motivational support from team
On-going support via e-mail or telephone
On-line access to view goals, results and relevant training exercises
Free copy of “The Weight Loss Illusion” by David Wilson

Why should I commit to your programme?

People want rapid results and I believe I have created a weight loss programme that is the best in the market place and if you stick with the programme you will see incredible results in a short period of time.

I will think about it?

There are many weight loss programmes out there and I am sure your thinking “this sounds too good to be true” and “I have heard it all before”. However I will guarantee you of this: If you seriously want a life changing experience and you want to get rapid weight loss results you will love this programme. Imagine for a second standing looking at yourself in the mirror 4 stone lighter. Commit to this programme and that will be your reality.

Ok I understand what you're saying I will have another think about it?

Don't think about it anymore that will only lead to further procrastination, before you know it another year has passed and you have gained more weight. You need to take action now. This programme will change your life, go to the testimonial page to see what other clients are saying about the programme then take action!

How much does the programme cost?
Please email enquiries@rapid-hypnofitness.co.uk for prices.


8 week programme - £180 (usually £250) 

**£180 introductory offer for a limited time only**


Full 8-week programme tailored individually to you
Weekly telephone meeting with team
Daily motivational support from team
On-going support via e-mail or telephone
On-line access to view goals, results and relevant training exercises
Free copy of “The Weight Loss Illusion” by David Wilson





8 week programme - Contact for price & availability
(Only available to clients living locally in Central Scotland)


Full 8-week programme tailored individually to you
Weekly training session with David

Hypnotherapy session with David
Daily motivational support from David
On-going support via telephone from David
Free copy of “The Weight Loss Illusion” by David Wilson

Please note that due to high demand there is limited availability on the Rapid Hypno Fitness Programme so please book early to avoid disappointment.


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