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Fast track your career and become certified in the Rapid Hypno Fitness method!

Rapid Hypno Fitness Business ‘start up’ opportunity package

David Wilson is Scotland’s number 1# leading weight loss expert and is on a mission to recruit and train new weight loss experts to tackle the obesity epidemic in the UK, which is on the verge of Bankrupting the NHS!

• Do you want to work in a new exciting industry?     
• Do you want to change your career path and be your own boss?  
• Do you care about people and want to help fight the obesity epidemic which could cost the Scottish economy £3 billion a year?
• Would like to enter the biggest growth industry in the world and help tackle this problem? 

It is reported that the obesity crisis in Scotland could soon bankrupt the NHS unless some drastic measures are put in place. Within the next 20 years nearly half of our nation could be obese costing the government and our economy up to £3billion a year. At this moment in 2011 the annual cost of treating the nation’s fat epidemic has risen to £500million, with tens of thousands of people waiting for surgery. 

• Are you ready to do your part and help fight this sad predicament and change people lives?

• How would you feel about being your own boss and running your own weight loss business?

You could potentially have one of the most fulfilling careers possible - helping people achieve their weight loss goals and ultimately changing their lives forever. This is all possible through David Wilson’s Rapid Hypno Fitness Business Start up Package.

When you have been taught by David Wilson, Scotland’s leading weight loss expert, you will be taught the secret formula to success.

I guarantee you that this is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Who is David Wilson?

David Wilson is a leading weight loss specialist and author, who has been featured numerous times in the national media.  From being a guest on Scotland’s number 1 National Radio show to being featured in the following newspapers: The Herald, The Sun newspaper, Daily mail, The Evening Times, Scotland on Sunday and also The Daily Record. David has also featured in the biggest selling female magazine in the UK, Take a break magazine, due to his phenomenal results. He has done so because of his success and his ability to change people’s mindset and lives.  David is the Creator of Scotland leading and incredible life changing weight loss programme ‘Rapid Hypno Fitness’. David has decided to unveil his methods and secrets to his success and offer an incredible course allowing others to become certified in Rapid Hypno Fitness training method.

 Rapid Hypno Fitness

David explains:

“I would like to educate as many weight loss coaches as I can so I can share my secrets of how to get incredible and consistent results with numerous clients. These coaches can then go away and implement my methods in their own weight loss practice, so more people throughout the UK can benefit from the success of the programme. Within the UK there is an epidemic of people who are obese and with the Rapid Hypno Fitness Weight Loss Programme, we can help tackle it”.

When you purchase this training course you will have managed to distinguish yourself from the thousands of other coaches and hypnotherapists out there who are competing for business and clients. In addition to doing so, when you are fully certified in the RAPID HYPNO FITNESS training method, you can offer a completely unique package to your clients which you can take and use worldwide.

David Wilson will mentor and teach you all the requirements to become a massive success when coaching your clients. If you think being qualified as a personal trainer or a weight loss coach is enough to get consistent results with clients then I am afraid like 90% of all other coaches out there you are doomed to fail.  If you go to the testimonials or media stories, you can see many of David’s clients before and after pictures and testimonials of those whose lives he has changed. 

The fact of the matter is that most personal trainers and coaches are totally confused and deranged as they believe that the trainer or coach with the most education is the most effective? The truth is - You can go on as many courses and receive as many training certificates as you like, but if you can’t get consistent results with clients then you’re not going to be successful. In reality within the fitness industry, it is results that count!


David explains:
“I am looking for people from ages 16-65 of a healthy weight and who enjoy exercise.  Most people perceive to do this job you need to have a six pack; however this is not the case.  The most important criteria is someone who is caring and someone who wants to make a difference in people’s lives”.


This unique course is designed for people who want to learn the skills to start and set up their own independent businesses.


When changing your career or learning a new skill set it is important that you find the correct mentor who has experience and has achieved major success. David Wilson has independently established a successful weight loss business on his own with no money or investment, he has been there and done it and has now become one of the market’s leaders due to his amazing results.

“If you have never been trained by the best you will never become the best”. 

With this incredible package you will get all the tools to start up your own business and succeed through David’s teaching and knowledge.

Why train with David Wilson?

In addition to David Wilson being one of leading trainers in weight loss, he is also a recognised motivational sales trainer, public speaker and business consultant. Moreover David is also a specialist in PR (public relations). During David’s business career he has worked with companies to help them develop more profitable business processes by development and training of staff. He has applied his unique training to many industries such as health and fitness, motor trade and hair and beauty.

Business Testimonial on David’s training –

‘I have enlisted David’s help at two of my companies, both to train individuals, and more recently at our dealer conferences to motivate large groups and boost sales conversion. In both formats David has completely exceeded expectations, he is a true professional, a pleasure to work with and has had a huge impact on our business, which has had a lasting effect both in motivational terms and on the bottom line’.
Paul Busby Managing Director
CEO Viezu Technoligies, Birmingham – www.viezu.com

David explains:
David explains: ‘By working with myself you will be educated on all the tools required to succeed in business, through my breadth of knowledge, experience and incredible life changing client results.

What will I gain from completing the Rapid Hypno Fitness Course?

•    Your own home study course in Personal training & Hypnotherapy (where you can work around your current job and at your own pace)
•    A two day Practical workshop with David Wilson of RAPID HYPNO FITNESS. During your two day workshop you will also receive training in sales & marketing to successfully launch and run your own business.
•    You will be taught to train clients in the most effective ways to get results.
•    You will learn how to hypnotise anybody anywhere at any time.
•    You will learn how to make up to £500 a day as a certified coach.
•    You will learn how to go from obscurity to nationally known fitness and weight loss expert within a year.
•    You will be taught how to set up your own telephone and email weight loss programme where you can make money without leaving your home.
•    Once you have passed all of the above qualifications you will have achieved: A diploma in both Personal Training and Hypnosis where you will be eligible to become an insured practitioner in both of these fields through an insurance broker.

After you complete the weekend Rapid Hypno Fitness course you will be certified in the Rapid Hypno Fitness method, where you can help and motivate many people to lose weight.

What is involved in the training and how do i get started?

Step 1: Once deposit has been received you will be booked on the course.
Step 2:  Work at your own pace through the home study theory course in personal training & Hypnotherapy.
Step 3:  Attend a 2 day practical workshop with David Wilson which covers the Rapid Hypno fitness method.
Step 4:  Receive your certified Diploma in Rapid Hypno Fitness training method.
Step 5:  Launch your new weight loss coaching practice.

If this is the full time or part time business that you have always dreamed about, then this without a doubt is value for money. This business start up package will change you and your new client’s lives.

Rapid Hypno Fitness

What will the Rapid Hypno Fitness Business Start Up Package cost?

Your low investment price for your new career is a discounted price of £995 (saving £1000) for a limited period only.

The knowledge that you will be gain is worth at least 5 times more than what you will pay.

David explains: 
“I could easily charge much more for this course as I am giving away all my secrets and knowledge, which has taken me years to learn and accumulate. But I am on mission to recruit and train as many new weight loss coaches as I can to tackle this sad obesity epidemic in the UK. I feel something drastic needs to be done and I want me and my coaches to be the solution.

The second reason is:
“ I am giving it away at this price because I know the country is still in an economic contraction and people do not have a lot of money at the moment. I want to give people value for money and a fantastic opportunity as there are not many great opportunities in this country for people today. I want to give people the chance to change their career and help to get their business up and running so they can make money and be successful.  Moreover, I want to help change peoples’ lives in this country for the better and by becoming a weight loss coach you will have the tools to succeed.”
If you’re interested in this exciting new opportunity and career, book your place now and get it for the discounted rate.

This promotional offer of £995 is for a limited period only it will return to £1995 which is a saving right now of £1000 –

TAKE ACTION pay your deposit today of £320 (Non Refundable) and balance due to be paid 3 weeks prior the two day practical workshop.


Rapid Hypno Fitness


Learn from the Best!