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As an ex professional football player and spending 6 years at professional club, as well as time playing football in America, I have been exposed to tough and rigorous training programmes. They have challenged me both mentally and physically which has had a knock on effect in my business life. I have also worked within the fitness industry for years and I have seen people come and go. They join the fitness club full of hope and believe that they are going to lose the weight and change their life. Unfortunately being exposed to that industry I have seen so many people quitting after a couple of months through disappointment and lack of results. Hypnotherapy and mind therapy has always interested and intrigued me, how such a different method of treatment can have such effective results in peoples lives. By using the mind people can overcome some major health problems.


When I originally started off as a hypnotherapist I focused solely on the aspect of mind therapy and put being a fitness trainer on the backburner. When I had clients come to see me for weight loss I originally worked on the person’s mind and helped them control their eating habits. I then encouraged them to join a gym and seek advice from a personal trainer and work with that person to achieve training results which ultimately leads to weight loss. I wanted to strictly work with focussing on their emotional problems, unfortunately to my dismay months later the client still had not got the desired result that they were after.


After doing some investigation into my client’s training programmes it became extremely apparent that the personal training programme that was prescribed was inadvertently ineffective. In other words all the good work motivating the client to join a gym and seek personal training was not working because the wrong type of training along with nutritional advice was being advised and they were not achieving results.


The other problem I identified was the fact that there was no measure of goals to keep them properly motivated and to keep going to the gym on a weekly basis. In retrospect the good work I had done with my client, after a couple of months was ineffective as they slipped back to their old ways because lack of weight loss. The truth of matter is people want fast tangible results and if they don’t see the results quickly they tend to quit - that is human nature! That then led me to my research into rapid weight loss and successful training programmes.


For a year I dedicated my life to studying training systems from all over the world, from Special Forces training to personal fitness training and also mind training for weight loss. I have spoken to and have met some fantastic and brilliant people through my travels that have given me great ideas and insights to come up with my own form of training system that guarantees results.


My investigations concluded:

1) That to achieve your weight loss goal you cannot train the body without training the mind, as a result you will ultimately fail.

2) In order to achieve your weight loss goal in the least amount of time, interval training is a must alongside a manageable diet.

3) People need to work to weekly goals to stay motivated and do weekly weight checks.

4) The most important part of this investigation is that people have to be conditioned on a weekly basis that failure is not an option. This is where the mind therapy is most effective.


And that’s where the RAPID HYPNO FITNESS PROGRAMME was born!


I have never believed in a weight loss programme as much as the RAPID HYPNO FITNESS programme and anyone that get’s to experience it will be delighted with the results.



I have successfully studied and have been accredited with a Diploma in Curative Hypnotherapy (Cur.Hyp.) and I have also achieved a professional merit in regression and hypno-analysis. I have achieved my qualification through the BSY group. In addition I am fully qualified professional registered practitioner of the BSY group with full public liability insurance for Hypnotherapy and NLP.

Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Qualified Personal Trainer, Qualified Spin Instructor, Professional Qualification in Anatomy and Physiology, Professional Qualification Mid section Training and Diet (weight loss) again with full public liability insurance for personal training.


Weight loss 5 1/2 stone (77lbs)
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